Graduate Assistants United

Graduate Assistants United is your labor union. We represent all Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and other Graduate Assistants at the University of Florida. When you are a Graduate Assistant (GA), you are more than just another student, you are also an employee of the University. 

GAU is your voice. When that voice is strong, UF listens. In order to have a strong voice, we need GAs like you to join us!

UF works because we do! GAs perform a significant amount of the academic work at UF, including teaching and research activities, and serve in many other support roles across campus. Our skills keep the University running smoothly semester after semester.

Office of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs


PODEMOS is a year-long initiative for first-year Hispanic-Latinx students at UF that consists of an academic success program in the fall semester (LEAP), and a professionalization program in the spring semester (PODER). Through our bi-weekly seminars, we empower PODEMOS Scholars with information regarding the various academic, research and professionalization resources available to them at and outside UF. We also equip our scholars with the organizational skills needed to balance their academic and burgeoning career-related workloads. PODEMOS concludes with a graduation ceremony at the end of the spring semester to celebrate the scholars who have completed the program and will be moving on to conquer whatever may lie ahead at and beyond UF.
Although this program may target Hispanic/Latinx students through distinctive cultural and linguistic elements, we welcome all first-year students with open arms because we understand the difficulties that many students face when transitioning to college and moving away from home.

Mentorship possibilities available to graduate students. 

Office of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs


Trans at UF is a discussion and social group open to folks who identify as transgender, gender variant and/or genderqueer, and their intimate partners. Trans at UF will meet weekly on Thursdays 7 p.m. in the Rainbow Room.

For more information, please contact the Trans @ UF Facilitator, Eli Mender at: .


OUTGrad is a group for LGBTQIA+ and Allied graduate students and postdocs offered through LGBT Affairs at the University of Florida. OUTGrad was formed in November 2014, and we have meetings, socials, and discussion groups.​

QTPOC Collective

QTPOC Collective is a collaborative group of LGBTQ/Two Spirit/Gender Nonconforming POC throughout the black, indigenous, desi, asian, and latinx diasporas. Our goal is to facilitate educational discussions on healing and thriving in a predominantly white system with an emphasis on building solidarity, de-centering whiteness, and resurfacing our deeply interconnected and complicated histories. We attempt to achieve this through our programming, coalition, visual archives, mobilization, and upliftment.


The mission of the Latino/Hispanic Organization of Graduate Students is to:

  1. Further and enhance the public understanding of and appreciation for Latino/Hispanic students in graduate school.
  2. Provide an arena for graduate students and professionals from different disciplines to come together for: (i) professional development, (ii) diversifying academic perspectives, (iii) promoting collaborations, (iv) refining academic research, (v) community service, and (vi) social activities.
  3. Endorse the coalition of Latinos/Hispanics and other underrepresented groups by increasing the number of participating members of this organization.
  4. Promote the recruitment and retention of graduate students, faculty members, and other professionals of Latino/Hispanic descent while fostering their cultural identity.
  5. Promote academic diversity and welcome individuals who strive towards cultural awareness and understanding at the University of Florida.
  6. Provide a stepping stone and a network of support for currently enrolled and incoming Latino/Hispanic graduate students at the University of Florida.
  7. Cooperate with other individuals, organizations, clubs, and other groups whose purposes include the achievement of public understanding for Latinos/Hispanics and other underrepresented groups in graduate school.


The Black Graduate Student Organization serves to provide black/African-American students with important social, cultural, academic and professional development opportunities. BGSO originated the university’s first MLK celebration in 1985 and sponsors the university’s MLK celebration keynote address.

UF Counseling and Wellness Center

The CWC’s mission is to foster human development in all of its diversity through compassion, empowerment, advocacy, hope, and heart. At the CWC, we embrace differences and help nurture a healthy and healing campus environment for all. As the primary provider of counseling, mental health, and psychiatric services for students at the University of Florida we embrace differences and nurture a healthy and healing campus environment for all.

Student Health Center

The mission of the University of Florida Student Health Care Center (SHCC) is to help every student achieve optimal health in the pursuit of personal and academic success. All activities and programs of the SHCC operate to assure a nonjudgmental environment and sensitivity to individuals with disabilities and those representing diverse cultural, racial, religious, gender or sexual orientation groups.