Accommodations (in need of update)

25+ locations to live; recommended by current and former grads (information may be in need of update). Information was collected from a survey with 36 responses. This only represents a small fraction of our current grad students, as well as possible living arrangements (e.g., we were unable to gather information about renting houses). We hope that this list will help you get started on your search for your new home!

The following is the link map for the list below. The complexes are divided by property owners, since many of the apartment complexes in Gainesville are run by the same company.

Paradigm Properties
–The Laurels
–College Park
–Hidden Lake
–College Manor
–Arlington Square
–College View

Trimark Properties
–University Park Studios

Other Apartments
–Mount Vernon
–Williamsburg Village
–Sun Key Apartments
–Sun Harbor
–4Marta Complex
–Huntington Lakes
–The Reserve at Kanapaha
–Campus Pointe
–Lakewood Villas
–Towne Parc
–Cazabella Apartments
–Hunters Run

–Casablanca West
–Treehouse Village
–Casablance East
–357 NE Boulevard

Alternative Places

Paradigm Properties

As you can see from this list, Paradigm is one of the largest apartment companies in Gainesville. There are pros and cons to renting with a big company. Currently, Paradigm offers a $25 monthly rent discount for UF employees. Check on this as the discount has changed recently (e.g., it used to be 10% off the monthly rent). Several grads have found the following apartments enjoyable to live in:

The Laurels

Pros: minimal noise, residents are mostly grad students and professionals, close to grocery store (directly across the street), good bus route (35 and 36).

Cons: can be pricey without move in special, office staff and maintenance not always helpful (can take a few times for maintenance to fix a problem), asks for renewal really early (e.g., in October).

Special Advice: Move into an apartment away from SW 34th Street to avoid hearing road noise.

*Contact person is available*

College Park

Pros: Near campus; laundry facilities.

Cons: Large, faceless corporation; noisy on football weekends.

Hidden Lake

Pros: Includes cable and internet, washer/dryer in unit, near two bus lines, biking distance to campus, great pool with grill open to residents to use, small workout facility, lots of “resident appreciation” events. If you live in villa you get a nice backyard that is good for pets.

Cons: lots of undergrads (e.g., loud/drunk students at pool frequently in summer). Complex is unwilling to give rent discounts for those who have to deal with major maintenance issues (e.g., plumbing). Pet rent is a little high.

Special Advice: Renew early and get really low rates for following year. Living closer to the front of the complex (near the office) is better because two of the complex employees live there (they are good about calling cops if noise gets bothersome). Can live in an apt or a villa. Ask about the difference between the villa and apt (both have pros and cons). Deposit discounts if you are married.

*Contact person is available*

College Manor

Pros: Close to campus. Reasonably inexpensive. Laundry facilities. Prompt maintenance.

Cons: Used to have a bug problem (seems to be fixed now).

Special Advice: Waive deposit fee with co-signer.

*Contact person is available*

Arlington Square

Pros: Looks homey and is nicely landscaped. Located just a few blocks from downtown. Bus stop is right outside of gate. Feels safe. Pet friendly. On-site laundry facility.

Cons: Apartment is small (live in studio). Pricey for Gainesville. Can be noisy at night due to proximity to downtown. Few amenities.

College View (part of College Manor)

Pros: Super close to campus (15 min. walk to Turlington).

Cons: None
Trimark Properties:

Our list of recommend Trimark apartments doesn’t even compare to Paradigm, but it is worth noting that they are the other largest apartment company in Gainesville.

University Park Studios

Pros: Quiet, pet-friendly, close to campus (can walk in 20-25 min), quick bus ride to campus, good maintenance.

Cons: Traffic is really bad (makes it difficult to get in and out of apt), no laundry facility on-site (must walk to facility a few blocks away).

Special Advice: Apartments have a cap on utilities, so plan on paying some money for overages.

Other Apartments

The following two apartments are owned by the same company. It is a small company, so they can’t always work good renewal deals. The benefit is a small, friendly staff, etc.

Mount Vernon

Pros: quiet, spacious apartment, close to main shopping plaza, great maintenance, friendly office staff (English grad works there), quick bus ride to campus, close to UF gym and in biking distance to campus.

Cons: Can sometimes hear plumbing from apartment above (e.g., flushing toilet), can hear people walking up stairs (not too bothersome), road noise if you are in a building too close to Archer Road (buildings further back are fine).

Special Advice: Ask about grad discount ($25 off monthly rent), negotiate (this apartment hasn’t been doing as well with the poor economy).

*Contact person is available*

Williamsburg Village

Pros: Short walk/bike distance to Turlington. Good maintenance, office staff, and management. Grad discount ($25 off your monthly rent). Energy efficient (low utility bills all year round). Most residents are grad students or professionals. Quiet at all hours. Pet-friendly.

Cons: Serviced by few bus lines. Older buildings.

Special Advice: Mention grad discount initially. Contact office ASAP, as capacity will be full by April/May (one bedroom units in high demand; suggest sharing townhouse will fellow student). Sister-property (Mount Vernon) has nearly same units and might have greater availability.
The following apartments are part of Sun Island. The other complex (not mentioned in our survey, but potentially good) is Sun Bay.

Sun Key Apartments

Pros: Cheap! (e.g., survey respondent pays $550 for a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment). Close to campus (20 min walk and 5 min bus ride). Three bus routes (16, 17, and 13) that go directly to campus. Pool and basic gym facilities. Office friendly and maintenance is prompt. Can bargain for lower prices, especially if you cite other competing apt’s prices (e.g., respondent had rent lowered by $110 and also got one month rent free).

Con: Not fancy at all. Some units are older and so not in amazing condition, though cheaper. Not all apartments have dishwashers—rent for those is higher. No washer and dryer in apartment, although there are on-site laundry facilities. Heating bills are high although AC is okay.

Special Advice: Bargain! Check out all three buildings: Sun Key, Sun Harbour (townhouse apts), and Sun Bay. The rent, features, etc. vary based on building. Use a space heater in winter to prevent high electric bills.

Sun Harbor

Pros: Bus only takes 5 min. to campus, Pet-friendly, maintenance is quick

Cons: older buildings (expect to call maintenance for fixes), office staff doesn’t consistently enforce rules, lease renewal discounts get worse every year.

Special Advice: Insist on a good move-in discount. Get policy exceptions in writing on lease.

*Contact person is available*

These are some other great apartments that were recommended by current grads. Check out the pros and cons mentioned by current residents.

4Marta Complex

Pros: Excellent complex! Facilities are 2 years old, tons of amenities, quiet neighborhood, excellent restaurants, 3 grocery stores within 3 miles, bakery, etc. Complex site rests up against a conservation—great for nature lovers! Maintenance is excellent. The construction is all eco-friendly. Great community facilities. Located in safe neighborhood.

Cons: Can be pricy if you live in a one bedroom. If you have a roommate then the prices are comparable to other complexes in Gainesville.

Special Advice: Lake views are $25 more per month (but worth it!). Back roads make it faster to get to campus than if you lived closer in town.

*Contact person is available*

Huntington Lakes

Pros: Blissfully quiet, away from the chaos of campus, lots of couples and families.

Cons: Away from the convenience of campus, no bus after 6pm.

*Contact person is available*

The Reserve at Kanapaha

Pros: Complex is relatively quiet and the apartments are huge and gorgeous (these pros outweigh cons listed below). Offer a UF employee discount ($100 off monthly rent). Few undergrads. One of the largest one bedrooms around town. Cable/internet included.

Cons: Internet is frequently down. Change cable/internet providers and then cut services. Pool often closed for maintenance. Gym equipment often broken. Kids of tenants tend to hang out in parking lot and gym.

Special Advice: Get everything in writing! (e.g., employee discount, free cable/internet, etc.). Ask about UF employee discount.

*Contact person is available*

Campus Pointe

Pros: Excellent location. 15 minute walk to campus and from downtown restaurants and bars. Quiet, mostly grad students and young professionals. Away from traffic of SW Archer Road and SW 34th Street.

Cons: None

*Contact person is available*

Lakewood Villas

Pros: Good mix of people (grads and professionals), nice amenities and complex features, unique two-story floor plan, good bus and bike paths to campus

Cons: None

Special Advice: Nice if you like some separation from campus scene. Can get big discount if you watch for specials (usually around April/May).

*Contact person is available*


Pros: Apartments are large, location is convenient.

Cons: None

Towne Parc

Pros: friendly office staff, prompt and friendly maintenance, usually quiet, has a pond with great wildlife (ducks just had babies), good complex features.

Cons: walls are a little thin, smokers can be jerks.

Special Advice: Get an apartment away from the road and that’s not along the back fence near neighboring complex. Upstairs apartments are better (less noise, etc.) Don’t hesitate to complain if noise bothers you.

*Contact person is available*

Cazabella Apartments

Pros: close to campus, close to grocery store, very quiet (mostly law students), small complex, pet friendly, new appliances, washer/dryer in unit.

Cons: Can be difficult to get in and out of complex due to traffic on 34th Street.

Special Advice: Ask to live away from 34th Street if road noise will bother you. Ask to live away from dumpsters.

*Contact person is available*

Hunters Run

Recommended Condos for Rent

Casablanca West

Pros: Quiet, lots of families.

Cons: None

Special Advice: Good for couples in which one has a real job or with a roommate situation.

Treehouse Village

Pros: Large rooms/living room. Less than 1.2 miles to campus. Close to supermarket (a 5 min. walk). Fairly new complex. Great management. Friendly and helpful office staff and maintenance.

Cons: Thin walls (can be uncomfortable if neighbors are noisy/inconsiderate).

*Contact Person Available

Casablanca East

Pros: Quiet, several bus routes (9, 34, 35, 36), ample parking

Cons: None

*Contact person is available*


Pros: Near main shopping plaza, fairly quiet neighborhood with lots of families, next to soccer/dog park.

Cons: Older buildings, next to fire station, which means lots of sirens.

Special Advice: Make sure to learn all the different options of getting from the complex to the main roads to avoid traffic.

*Contact person is available*

357 NE Boulevard (no name for condos here)

Pros: Rent is really cheap with roommates, condo is in a neighborhood, in walking distance to many downtown places, in biking distance to campus and grocery store.

Cons: None

Special Advice: Suggest having a car, a bike, or a willingness to ride the bus.

*Contact person is available*

Alternative Places to Live:

Duckpond (near downtown)

Pros: Awesome place to live for grads! Close to campus. Easy to bus, walk, or bike to campus. Pleasant place to live.

Cons: None