Gainesville has a great food scene, and is very vegetarian/vegan friendly. Below is a quick and incomplete list of places to eat. Be sure to check out local food blogger Ken Eats Gainesville for more in-depth information!


Ward’s Supermarket
515 NW 23rd Ave
(352) 372-1741
Locally owned, operated, and sourced.

Lucky’s Market
1459 NW 23 Ave
(352) 240-6440
National chain. Large store. Health food.

Various locations
A Florida favorite. A “normal” no-frills market.

Trader Joe’s
3724 SW Archer Rd
(352) 378-9321
Only one in town.


(Recommendations made by current and former EGO members. Some of these restaurants may no longer be open.)

Backyard BBQ
25405 W Newberry Rd
Located the next town over, this place wins kudos from all making the trek.

2441 NW 43rd St # 6C
Best bagels in town, source for most of the shops near campus.

Bento Cafe
3832 W Newberry Rd # 1J
3841 SW Archer Road # D
Bento boxes, really tasty, and right next to the movie theatre.

Books, Inc.
505 NW 13th St
An awesome vegetarian restaurant cleverly disguised as a bookstore.

Cafe C
424 NW 8th Ave
352-377-0787 (for delivery)
(352) 377-7433 (for takeout)

Chopstix Cafe
3500 SW 13th St
Pan-Asian, great Kimchee, full bar, great view of a lake. All price ranges.

El Indio
407 NW 13th St
Delicious cheap Mexican food, 4 blocks north of campus on 13th Street.

Flying Biscuit Cafe
4150 NW 16th Blvd
A chain, but we have received many good comments about the food.

Fresco Neighborhood Italian
3117 SW 34th Street

Harvest Thyme Cafe
2 W Main Street (on the corner)
(352) 384-9497

Ivey’s Grill
3303 W University Ave
Excellent breakfasts, great coffee, VERY crowded on the weekends.

The Jones Eastside Eatery
401 NE 23rd Avenue
Lots of veggie/vegan breakfast options.

La Tienda Latina
2204 SW 13th St
Super cheap, this IS the best Mexican food in town. Cowboy boots also sold.

Leonardo’s Pizza by the Slice
1245 W University Ave
One of the best of the slices joints surrounding campus.

Mi Apa Latin Cafe
112 SW 34th St
Good, cheap, and fast, some claim this is the best Cuban food in town.

Original Pizza Palace
604 NW 13 ST
A classic returns, and now they serve cheap breakfasts. Very close to campus.

Pho Hanoi
3550 SW 34th St
Hard to find, but Rice raves that this is the best Vietnamese in town.

Saigon Cafe
808 W University Ave
Five blocks east, this is affordable and tasty Vietnamese. Great spring rolls.

Satchel’s Pizza
1800 NE 23rd Ave
Best pizza in town, plus great toys.

Stubbie Shirt Pub
9 W University Avenue
A beer hall with over 225 brands, they now serve pub food as well.

Sushi Matsuri
3418 SW Archer Rd
Located next to the other theatre, a favorite sushi place in Gainesville.

Terrel’s BBQ
1130 NE 16th Ave
BBQ from a trailer, open Thursday to Saturday. Best ribs inside the city limits.

The Top
30 N Main St
Good food and a full bar. Grill stays open until midnight.