2004 Conference

Constellations of Youth: Intersecting Adults’ and Children’s Culture

October 21-23, 2004

Keynote speakers: Michael Moon and Jim Provenzano

Call for Papers

Discussions of audience, intention, and appropriateness often center on a distinction between the adult and the child. While this distinction is strictly policed, it is not easily defined nor exactly clear. Children’s and adults’ cultures intertwine with one another daily through literature, art, video games, music, film, and numerous other cultural devices. The purpose of this conference is not to define the intersections of children and adults, but rather to explore what occurs within “cultures” or “cultural” media when children and adults converge, whether as participants, consumers or producers.

Possible paper topics are (though not limited to):

‘Cultural’ media and their effects on the various definitions of childhood
The audience of children’s literature
The rise of the child through literature, art, science, film, gaming
Children’s popular culture and its adult inhabitants
Adults’ popular culture and its child inhabitants
Critical approaches to perspectives of youth culture
Children and race, class, sexuality, and non-normative sexualities
Commercialization and children’s culture
Transmissions of knowledge between children and adults
We invite papers and/or presentations that investigate these notions from a variety of perspectives, including American and British literature and culture, Film and Media studies, History, Romance Languages, German and Slavic Languages, Anthropology, Sociology, Fine Arts, Architecture,
Music, Art and Art History, and Political Science.

The deadline for proposals is September 6, 2004. Proposals must include your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, institutional affiliation, technology requests, presentation title, and 300-word abstract. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes. Please submit your proposals to:

Aaron Talbot, EGO Co-President
Department of English
4008 Turlington Hall
PO Box 117310
Gainesville, FL 32611-7310


On Wednesday, October 20, Jim Provenzano will be reading a selection from his YA novel,Pins.

All panels will take place in the Reitz Union, room 285, on Thursday, October 21, and Friday, October 22.

Both keynote addresses will be held in the Reitz Union, room 282.

Wednesday, October 20

7:30 p.m.
Reading of Pins by author Jim Provenzano
Location: Wild Iris Books, 802 W. University Avenue

Thursday, October 21

8:00-8:15 a.m.
Introduction and Welcome by Joel Adams, EGO Representative

8:30-9:45 a.m.
Moments of Recognition: Power, Sexuality, and Space in the Situated (Children’s) Text
Moderator: Joel Adams, University of Florida

Stephanie Smith, University of Florida, “Rich and Strange: The Legacy of Wanda Gag”
Jennifer Coenen, University of Florida, “Germany’s Rubble Films: Child Protagonists For an Adult Audience”
Stephen Giddens, Univeristy of Florida, “I Hate the 80s: Repossessing a Pedagogical Counter-Space in California”

10:00-11:15 a.m.
Adult Expectations, Child Manipulations: Creating and Recognizing a New Children’s Literature
Moderator: Patrick McHenry, University of Florida

Jennifer Lee Witt, Illinois State University, “Feminism Across Generations: From Riot Grrrl to Academia”
Stephanie Morley, McMaster University, “‘What Artemis is Doing’: Fixing and Un-Fixing the Child in Artemis Fowl”
Tom Love, University of Florida, “Pushing PUSH: Marketing New Subject Matter in Young Adult Fiction”


1:00-2:15 p.m.
Looking at/for the “Faraway”: Perversion, Desire, and Popular Culture
Moderator: Kenneth Kidd, University of Florida

Jaimy Mann, University of Florida, “‘Pornography’ and ‘Cuteness’ as Post War Trauma in Contemporary Japanese Culture: Fine Artist Takashi Murakami’s First Children’s Picture Book KebaKeba”
Andrea Wood, University of Florida, “Radicalizing Romance: Women, Girls, and the Queer Erotics of Boy-Love Manga”
Tj Howard, University of North Florida, “Men, Marys and Metrosexuals: Masculinity in Children’s Television and Movies”

2:30-3:45 p. m.
Histories of the Present: Genre, Audience, and the Shifting Status of Children’s Literature
Moderator: Lisa Hager, University of Florida

C. John Sommerville, University of Florida, “English Puritan Humor (or at least entertainment) for Children.”
Hal H. Rennert, University of Florida, “Goethe Aspousing Abstinence?: A Close Re-Reading of His Novella ‘The Attorney’ (1795)”
Amberyl Malkovich, Illinois State University, “A Classic Piece of Work: Determining the Place of the Classic Text within Children’s Literature and Culture”

4:15-6:00 p.m.
Suffer the Little Kindern: The Treatment and Psychology of German Youth
Moderator: Barbara Mennel, University of Florida

Aneka Meier, University of Florida, “Experiencing the Metropolis: Children, Adults, Modernity, and Weimar Berlin: A Reading of Erich Kästner’s ‘Emil und die Detektive’”
Sven -Ole Andersen, University of Florida, “Between Horror and Murder: The Violent Triangle in the Fairy Tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’, by the Brothers Grimm”
Sharon M. DiFino, University of Florida, “Germany’s Troubled Youth: Ulrike Meinhof’s Bambule”
Joe Rockelmann, University of Florida, “The Symbolic Significance Children Play in the Rubble Film ‘Somewhere in Berlin’”

7:30 p.m. – Jim Provenzano, Reitz Room 282
Plumbing the Depths: What’s Missing from 20th Century Young Adult Sports Literature

A dessert reception following Jim Provenzano’s keynote will be held at Leonardo’s 706.

Since seating is limited for this event, please contact Aaron Talbot <atalbot@english.ufl.edu> if you are interested in attending.

Friday, October 22
8:00-9:45 a.m.
(Hyper-)Interactivity: Gaming, Techno-translation, and Youth Culture
Moderator: Jessica Espinosa, University of Florida

Laurie Taylor, University of Florida, “Shifting Gears: Racing Games, Gamers, and Age Groups”
Tof Eklund, University of Florida, “An (Under-)world of Darkness: Gender Performance and False Consciousness in the Transition from Live-Action Roleplay to Film”
Cathlena Martin, University of Florida, “Digitized Borders of Neverland: Video Games Revisions and Boundary Crossings of /Peter Pan/”
Clay Arnold, University of Florida, “Fishing with Canons: (Re)membering the Game of Authors and Classic Literature”

10:00-11:15 a.m.
Telling Tales in the Social Field: Representation, Justice, and the Political Use of the Child
Moderator: Melissa Mellon, University of Florida

Jessica B. Burstrem, University of Florida, “The Guise and Appeal of the Marginal Figure in ‘The Boondocks’”
Ramona Caponegro, University of Florida, “A Starting Place: Teaching the Virtues of Social Justice through Children’s Literature”
Paromita Mukherjee, University of Florida, “Fairy Tale for Grown-ups: A Tool for Social and Political Inquiry”

— or if you are interested —
Lunch with Rita Smith, Curator of the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature and John Cech, Center of Children’s Literature and Culture
For details, contact Cathlena Martin <cmartin@english.ufl.edu>

1:00-2:15 p.m.
Backstory: Historicizing the Child in Literature and Popular Culture
Moderator: Andrew Jenkins, University of Florida

Scott Balcerzak, University of Florida, “Dickensian Orphan as Child Star: Freddie Bartholomew and the Commodity of Cute in MGM’s David Copperfield (1935)”
Camp Crosby, University of Florida, “Duel Natured: Mark Twain’s Critiques of Personal Combat”
Melissa Mellon, University of Florida, “Establishing Aesthetic (Im)Possibility: Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Maternity, and the “Ideological Slavery” of the Nineteenth-Century Cult of Domesticity”

2:30-3:45 p.m.
The Kiddie Couch: Impossibility, Incest, and Motherhood in Children’s Literature
Moderator: Roger Whitson, University of Florida

Kenneth Kidd, University of Florida, “Fairy Tales, Psychoanalysis, and the Impossible Profession of Children’s Literature”
Michelle Crummey, Southwest Missouri State University, “Transcending Freud: Freeing Daughters Without Failing Mothers”
Catherine Tosenberger, University of Florida, “Depraved Desires: V.C. Andrews and the Adolescent Incest Plot”

4:15-6:00 p.m.
Playing with Media: Breakdowns, Breakthroughs, and Ruptures
Moderator: Kate Casey-Sawicki, University of Florida

Erica Dix, University of Florida, “Animating the Children’s Picture Book: The Work of Director Michel Gondry”
Mindy Carzodo, University of Florida, “Empty Incantations and Rewritten Rituals: What if Francesca Lia Block had read her Judith Butler?”
Zach Whalen, University of Florida, “The Silence of the Hills: Video Game Music, Diegesis, and the Poetics of Empty Space”
Will Lehmann, University of Florida, “Generationskonflikt in the Information Age: The Internet Chat Room as Agitator and Arbitrator

7:30 p.m. – Michael Moon, Reitz Room 282
“’What Is the Use of Being a Child If You Are Going to Be an Adult?’”: ‘Outsider Artist’ Gertrude Stein, ‘Outsider Artist’ Henry Darger, and the Subject of Childhood

A reception following Michael Moon’s keynote will be held at Dr. Kenneth Kidd’s house.

All are welcome.