2003 Conference

Insatiable Crises: Producing Obsessions, Evils, and Traumas

April 3-5, 2002

Keynote speaker: Jean-Michel Rabate

Call for Papers

The third annual, interdisciplinary conference hosted by the English Graduate Organization will take place April 3-5, 2003. This year’s theme, “Insatiable Crises: Producing Obsessions, Evils, and Traumas,”focuses on the juxtaposition of the seemingly incompatible concepts of _insatiability_ and _crises_ in order to consider the vulnerability and actuality of being “in crisis” in consumer-driven societies. Without trivializing the pain and suffering inherent in _crisis_, we wish to explore how desire informs the theoretical perspectives from which we consider the ever-present commotion and turmoil in varied lives and communities. Not only are we interested in notions of ethics, intelligence/ignorance, and diversity, but we are also interested in the problems of greed, hate, and freedom that are raised by recent crises.

We seek papers that analyze and question the variety of spaces that crises inhabit including, but not limited to, academic disciplines, urban development, and international relations. Some possible questions include:

What does it mean to be in crisis?
What is immanent within crisis?
How does one respond to crisis?
In what ways does one seek and possibly thrive on crisis?
What role does desire play in forming (or informing) theoretical
perspectives of crisis?
What sort of violence has the Institution done to the notion of
How might one view crisis as transgression?
How has crisis been constructed historically?
How does the “free market” generate/prevent crisis?
To what extent are crises real and/or imagined?
How are class, gender, or race in crisis?
In what ways has crisis been used and/or misused?
How is crisis and ontological phenomenon?

We invite papers and/or presentations that investigate these notions from a variety of perspectives, including American and British literature and culture, Film and Media studies, History, Romance Languages, German and Slavic Languages, Anthropology, Sociology, Fine Arts, Architecture, Music, and Political Science.


Thursday, 3 April

Sessions in the Reitz Union, Room 284

8:15 to 9:45 — Perspectives of Crisis
Nicole LaRose (University of Florida), “Highrise Congestion and a Culture of Crisis”
Maria Cetinic (University of Southern California), “By Proxy: the desire for witness in Hiroshima Mon Amour”
Anastasia Ulanowicz (University of Pittsburgh), “Primo Levi’s Two Deaths: The Crisis of Witness”

Break — 30 minutes

10:15 to 11:45 — Wars and Uprisings
Bill Freind (University of West Florida), “Barrett Watten’s Bad History”
Sarah Mallonee (University of Florida), “Investigating National Identity in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heart of the Day”
Brian Keaney (University of South Florida), “Hans Morgenthau: a Realist in Crises”

Lunch (on your own)

1:15 to 2:45 — Citizenship
Lisa Hager (University of Florida), “What Little Girls Are Really Made Of: Powerpuff Girls and the Crisis of Citizenship”
Charles H. Meyer (University of Florida), “Sad Sack and Sad Jack: The Crises of Americanism”
David Hart (University of Florida), “American Crisis and a Caribbean Connection: C.L.R. James’ Mariners, Renegades and Castaways”

Break — 30 minutes

3:15 to 4:45 — Gender and Crisis
Andrea Wood (University of Florida), “The Ambivalent Desire for Essence: Gender Mythologies, unstable Bodies, and Feminist Crises in Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve”
Scott Reed (University of Florida), “Fight Club, Resistance Rhetorics, and the Crisis of Masculinity”
Nick Melczarek (University of Florida), “Jouissance and/as Crisis Manipulation in Achy Obejas: We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?”

7 p.m., Harn Museum — Keynote Presentation
Bill Brown, Confederation Park


Sessions in the Reitz Union, Room 346

8:15 to 9:45 — The Classed Self
Michael Angelo Rodriguez (Florida State University), “Dis-Integrating Before the I: The Modern Psyche in Crisis”
Craig Rinne (University of Florida), “Wielding the Six-Gun of Diversity, Hollywood Rides to the Nation’s Rescue: The American Film Western, 1989-1995”
Veronica Evans (Florida State University), “Delving into Disfuntion: Narrative Bias in the short stories of Hemingway and Fitzgerald”
Diane Stevenson (University of Southern Mississippi), “Vera Luttera’s Photographs of New York City and the Crisis of Modernity”

Break — 30

10:15 to 11:45 — Spiritual Crisis
Olivia Mullins (University of West Florida), “Politics of the Ineffable in St. Augustine’s On Christian Doctrine and Tim O’Brien’s How to Tell a True War Story”
Sarah Schiff (University of Florida), “A Crisis in Faith: Immortality in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson”
Kea Anderson (UC Berkeley), “Standing Crises: US war rhetoric in the context of Milton”

Lunch (on your own)

1:15 to 2:45 — The Creative Body
Presentation of creative work from:
Julie Green (University of Florida), “And yet”
Amanda Reynolds (University of Florida), “The Process of Poems”
Jillian Weise (Fred Chappell Fellow at the University of North Carolina), “selections from The Body Electric”


3:15 to 4:00 Special Presentation
Julian Wolfreys (University of Florida), “The Insatiable Crisis of Memory: Maureen Duffy’s London”

7 p.m., Reitz Union Lecture Hall, rm 282 — Keynote Presentation
Jean-Michel Rabate, “Modernism and the crisis of the ego–from Dora Marsden to Jacques Lacan”

Reception to follow